miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2004


My students don't stop to amaze me. Yesterday , one of them asked me about something we do in every class prior to practicing ukemi. It is something I bring (unconsciously) from the first dojo I trained. I took a few minutes to consider what we do under my present circumstance and believe me...I started asking myself the same question. There is no reason we do it in our dojo since we don't get out of the mat to continue the training. I realize again, that we have to keep this inquiring mind all the time. We may catch ourselves doing things just as a routine. And if there's no use to it, why keep doing it? An alert student will detect all of this and will ask... even if he or she keeps it for herself. There' s no place to hide. Our students, will see and detect any loose end. And I am glad that they have the trust and confidence to ask. I promise to be alert and be flexible enough to change when needed. It is the only way to grow....together.

Sensei Myriam