miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2004

About learning...

Have you considered the learning process?. Sometimes we take it for granted... and it's not until we have some difficulties that we give some thought about it. When I observe children work in the dojo and how they come to learn the most difficult movements, and later see them perform in their tests I know they have a lot to teach me in order to become a better sensei to them. The first thing that I have to mention in their work is their enormous curiosity about aikido. There's nothing they refuse to learn... even when scared, they dare to try everything. We adults have so great a load of judgements and preconceptions on how things should and ought to be that we are more afraid than the children. Children have something that we adults have lost during our growth and is to be spontaneous. To keep ourselves in the present.
When we train in our dojo there's a message I want them to keep in their minds. And this it that in order to learn we have to give ourselves space to make mistakes. This is something we adults must also keep in mind... (will follow).

Sensei Myriam