miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2004

Words from a judo sensei...

" Nowadays, men and women do the same judo. But their bodies are completely different. I don't like it. Women are using to much strength. It make me worry about the future. I want to see more ju. Good judo, good technique - that is ju. Inside, ju must be working instead of strength. Women' s bodies must be allowed to fit judo. When I was younger, I trained with tenth-degree instructors - their judo was so nice. The movements was good, smooth, like dancing. You wouldn't even know the sensei was throwing you. There'd be a little movement, then suddenly, 'Oh, I' m being thrown'. Now I don't see that kind of movement. Too much strength is being used, and I think a lot of girls get injured because of it."

Excerpt taken from: The Warrior' s Path, Wisdom from Contemporary Martial Arts Masters
Keiko Fukuda Sensei, ninth-degree Judo