lunes, 14 de junio de 2004

All is perfect as it is ... (2)

We are never satisfied. Rather longing for more. I don't mean that it is bad to want to grow and improve in whatever task we dedicate our effort to. We ourselves are a good example of this path of continous growth and development since our conception. I'm refering to an internal programing that was placed inside us since our early lives. The overall result of this programing does'nt make us to grow and work on ourselves with the knowledge and certainty that normal development takes us from less developed abilities to advanced ones. And that this is to be achieved in a natural and joyous manner because that's the way it is. It is not possible to walk before we creep, and we are not able to run if we don't walk first. And the discovery of all this should be a wonderful experience. This programing I'm talking you about has an inherent destructive component. Do you know which is it?.It is the judgement element. We judge ourselves as bad and flawed. That we are not good enough because we haven't got there...whatever there is. We try to improve what we do, to learn new things but not by the right reasons. We work to improve ourselves and not the task or action or work we do. Is our intention to improve and increase our worth with this continous effort. Forgetting that my worth is not measured by what I do or not do. I'm worthy just because I am. Only then, as an effect of what I am I want to learn new things and learn them well. I want to do things and do them as I can only do them and do it well.
My doing is the consequence as I see myself being. My doings are the consequence of what I am, and not the other way around. Why do I work so hard as I work? Why do I demand so much from me?. These are questions we should keep in mind if we want to be happy in what we do.(Para la versión en español favor ir a nuestra otra página:

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