viernes, 12 de marzo de 2004

"I want one of those..." (2)

I've not seen the two youngsters of the story again. And have not yet seen the picture. But the thoughts are still moving in my mind since the experience gets repeated frequently with different details and faces. I' ve talked with a lot of people lately. And many of them expressed the same basic needs of happiness and centering in their lives. But when you inquire what are they doing to reach it the same blank stare in their eyes come to their faces. I hear "reasons" like: "I don't have time", "Your dojo is too far from my home", "Yeah, it's wonderful, but...". And in spite expressions such as: "I'll go this or that day...", time passes by and you don't see them again. And I have seen many others in an effort to dress themselves of peace, harmony, courage, valor, centeredness.... Not realizing that these are not things we dress of. When we do just this, is a personna, a mask we present not only to others but to ourselves. But what and who we truly are will pop up in any time taking off from our life the mask. And bringing us down to the reality that we have to work out this atributes. And more importantly, learn to live not only with the "good" in us. But also with the "bad". Accepting, first in ourselves what we deny to accept in others. This is the true martial art in our times. The enemy is not outside. It is in ourselves. It is within. No wonder O'Sensei said:
"Agatsu Masagatsu" ( True victory is victory over ourselves).

I wonder what has been of the two youngster...I hope that they have found a teacher first than the hakama.

Sensei Myriam